Superstar winding wire is manufactured from 99.90% pure electrolytic grade of copper. We conduct following three test on conductor :

Spring back test
Elongation test
Conductor resistance test (200 Celsius)

The Results of these test are even better than IS:Specification

The main cause of pump failure is use of inferior grade of poly & propylene films / tapes. Superstar is insulated with poly & propylene tapes of superior quality, which has higher insulation resistance even at boiling point of water. We also conduct test on poly films manufactured by ISO Certified companies in our own laboratory to ensure the quality of tapes. We conduct following test on poly & propylene tapes.

Tensile strength
Thermal ageing in air
Heat Shock
Hot set
Melting point
Spark test.

Three layers of poly & propylene tapes cover the Copper Conductor. First layer is of polyester and other two are WHC & THC. These two are heat seal tapes. As the size of conductor increases we give more strength to the wire by increasing layers of the tape.

Test on Finished Goods
High voltage test
Spark test
Insulation resistance
Hot deformation
Water absorption

Packing is an important aspect of quality control. Submersible winding wires have a very thin insulation, which require careful handling & proper packing to safeguard the product. The wire needs to be saved from sharp edges. For this, we cover each coil by L.D. beg before placing it in a box. Our Quality Assurance department perform regular online & offline quality checks to ensure high customer satisfaction. We always believe in delivering the best and to remain a quality manufacturer in the industry.